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A Little Rock personal injury lawyer is a experienced legal professional who is dedicated to the welfare of injured people. In our law firm, each client receives personal attention regardless of the size of the claim or the extent of the damage. Our success is measured by the level of your satisfaction with our services. We fight for your rights, stand up for you in every way allowed by the law and make sure you are treated fairly with the right amount of compensation that is appropriate to your contusion. Since personal harm cases are unique, your trauma settlement will be dependent on your particular circumstances. We investigate every aspect of the case and leave no stone unturned until we find the best solution.

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When you are involved in a car accident or suffer a personal countusion, your world changes dramatically. You injury physical, emotional as well as financial cut. You may even lose a loved one. In these difficult times, we are there for you in every possible way: our happiest times are when we are allowed to participate in the healing process and see our clients recover and assume a better quality life. We have a passion for helping the injury victims, the little people, against big corporations. In our law firm, nobody is too small to be pushed around, and no company is too big to get away from legal consequences. Please, call our lawyer for personal injury in Little Rock Arkansas today, we would love to have the opportunity to earn your trust and represent your case.


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How Do You Know If You Have An Injury For Attorneys?


When Is An Contusion Serious Enough For Little Rock Personal Injury Lawyer?

Personal injury definition in the eyes of the law is suffering an hurt to your body, mind, and emotions. Personal damage coverage includes compensation for physical harms such as broken bones, bruises or any serious fracture sustained in a crash. Personal violation claims and lawsuits can also be filed for the emotional and psychological abuse you experienced as a result of trauma obtained through a humiliating or life-threatening experience.

Personal hurt cases arise out of someone else’s negligence: an individual or a business that is legally responsible to pay you compensation. The two most common forms of trauma laws are accident law and personal injury law.

An injured in an accident is an unexpected, unusual and unintended occurrence that takes place in a particular time and place. Some common forms of accidents are auto accidentsbicycle accidents, motorcycle accidents, boating accidents, trucking accidents, construction accidents, hit and run accidentspedestrian accidentsslip and fall accidents and workplace accidents. Personal trauma law covers all aspects of personal injuries that are the result of the negligence or wrongdoing of another party.

Examples of personal damages are amputation, asbestos exposure, birth hurt, defamation, food poisoning, loss of eyesight, police brutality, product liability, loss of hearing and sexual violence. If your injuries are similar to the ones listed here, you may have a legal case to seek compensation. To find out that indeed you have a legitimate case, please feel free to contact our law firm office and we arrange your FREE consultation with our experienced Little Rock personal injury attorneys.

How to Know If You Have A Lawsuit?


Do I Have A Personal Injury Case?

To prove a personal hurt case, such as a car wreck case or a medical malpractice case, personal injury law requires at least three types of evidence for a personal harm settlement:

  • Liability. You must prove that the hurt was the fault of someone else. It must be the product of negligence, a person or a company did something that should not have been done, or neglected to do something that should have been done.
  • Causation. You must also prove that the negligence must have caused the mishap. Negligence alone is not enough for your attorneys for personal injury to file your case on your behalf; there must be an hurt that was the result of negligence.


  • Damages. Once liability and causation have been verified, there must be damages that are serious enough. The damages can be new injuries or the aggravation of a previous condition. The more severe the damages are, the more valuable the case is.

  • Funding. Proving liability, causation, and damages is nice and well, however, there must be a source of funding to recover your costs. No funding – no case, it is that simple. The funding can come from insurance companies or from companies that are at fault, or from the individual who exercised negligence. If the funds come from insurance, the person at fault must have bodily harm insurance, or you have to have uninsured motorist insurance.

For a FREE personal injury case evaluation please, call our Law Firm Office or contact Little Rock personal injury lawyer throught online form.

What are the your legal rights?

Your case will never be lost in the shuffle at Arkansas Personal Injury Law Firm. That is because every day we live the client bill of rights:


  • be kept informed about the status of his or her claim or case.

  • have his or her phone calls returned on the same business day if possible, and the next business day in any case.

  • be dealt with truthfully in all matters and at all times.

  • ask questions and have all questions answered honestly and fully.

  • frank legal advice.

  • determine the goals of their representation.

  • be treated at all times with respect.

  • expect his or her decisions to matter.

  • receive a full written accounting of his or her case expenses at the conclusion of the claim or case.

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