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An Little Rock car accident lawyer handles Arkansas auto accident cases that are the results of cars colliding with other vehicles, property, pedestrians, animals, or other obstacles such as road debris.
An auto accident is an unintended and undesirable event during which a person, the driver, the passengers or innocent bystanders, become injured. Many incidents are small collisions; however, at times, they lead to serious injury, disability, and in many cases, death.

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Causes of Little Rock Ar car accidents

Car wrecks are caused by a large variety of factors: car, road as well as driver related. Poorly maintained vehicles can malfunction and hence become uncontrollable due to mechanical or electronic failures. Abnormal road conditions or traffic signals that do not work or temporarily out of order can be contributing factors to accidents.

However, by far the majority of the causes are driver related: neckless driving, speeding, tailgating, mobile phone usage (text messaging), lack of concentration, driver fatigue, and driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


Auto accident statistics

Some alarming numbers:

There are more than six million vehicles collisions each year in the United States.

The leading cause of death for individuals between 2 and 34 years old is motor vehicle crashes.

Auto crashes are the leading cause of death for children between 2 and 14 and about 2,000 children die each year from injuries caused by car accidents.

Each year, almost 250,000 children are injured in car crashes, meaning nearly 700 kids are harmed every day.


The US Census Bureau provides detailed statistics.

Possible injuries in auto accidents

Life after a car collision tends to become more painful than the crash itself: job loss, los wage, unemployment, reduced income, disability, and various forms of injuries become the fact of life.

Typical injuries caused by Arkansas auto wrecks are an open and closed head injury, concussion, traumatic brain injury, neck pain – whiplash, lower back pain, sprain and strains, headaches, numbness, dizziness and vertigo, broken bonesburns and scars, muscle and joint injuries, etc.

What shall I do in case of a car wreck?


Call the police and seek medical attention.

Get the details (name, address, insurance information, etc.) of the other driver and those of the witnesses.

Contact your insurance company and give them all the information about the crash you have available.

Take photos of the scene of the mishap, the vehicles, the properties that got damaged, and the surrounding area.

Call your Arkansas accident attorney, especially if you are seriously injured.

What mistakes shall I avoid?


Do not move your motor vehicle, unless asked by the police.

Do not leave the scene until instructed by law enforcement.

Do not discard any document or anything that can be used as evidence, for example, defective products.

Do not apologize and get engaged in any discussion regarding who is at fault.

Do not agree to any settlement without consulting with an attorney.

And do not sign any document or give a statement.


How to prevent a car crash accident?

Lots of things can be done to prevent auto accidents or minimize their occurrence:

  • regular car maintenance,
  • regular eye exams,
  • do not drink when you drive,
  • do not drive when taking medications that make you drowsy,
  • drive within the speed limit,
  • exercise defensive driving, for example, when approaching an intersection to look both ways even if you have the green light,
  • drive extra carefully at night,
  • wear your seatbelt,
  • never tailgate,
  • and most importantly, never allow yourself to be distracted by phone calls, text messaging, or web surfing.


Arkansas car accident attorneys for legal faqs and advice

When it comes to an auto wreck, a car accident attorney can help prove liability by showing evidence and speaking to witnesses. They can help with guaranteeing proper medical care for your injuries. Contact Ar Law Office, our Little Rock car accident lawyer, to understand the law and can help you document your injuries to get the maximum compensation you deserve.


What Should You Not DO After An Accident And What Mistakes Should You Avoid?

Personal violation dos and don’ts are must-haves and must know damage lessons. You can make a seemingly small mistake that in the eyes of the law could turn out to be a no-no and literally sink your case. It is nearly impossible to prepare anyone what to do and what not to say after a casualty, however, there are some golden rules that the law considers important when fighting for a sizeable settlement. Below are a few dos and don’ts that may be helpful in most cases.


Take photos of the mischance and the harm and gather evidence.

Write down all the details, time and place of the hazard, witnesses, etc.

Exchange all necessary contact information.

Go to the doctor and get medical attention even if you don’t feel any pain.

Keep all receipts and original files, or copies of all documents.

Keep a day-to-day diary on how the contusion affected your life.

Have an accurate tax return that goes back several years.

And do your best in getting back to your normal life – do not try to fake your trauma.


Apologize for the accident, it is viewed as an admission of fault.

Discard any evidence or document, even if it may seem unimportant.

Discuss the hurt with the other party.

Give a formal statement or sign any document without consulting with your attorney.

Hide any past injuries from your lawyer.

Hide pasts misfortunes from your lawyers.

Misrepresent your level of activity, for example, go golfing while claiming to be injured.

And go to the doctor used frequently by your attorneys!

Please contact us regarding your personal wound case or if you have questions regarding some more personal injury dos and don’ts.


When Do You NOT Need An Attorney After An Car Collision Or Can I Do It Alone?

The honest answer to this question is simply no. No, you do not need a violation attorney to obtain a personal injury settlement. There is a wealth of information on the Internet at your fingertips to do all the work yourself. What you need to decide is this: are you better off without attorneys for individual damages or with it?

If you decide to do it alone, you may experience the following problems:

The insurance companies can give you the run-around as their interest is to minimize the payment.

You have to do all the leg work, paperwork, running around, etc yourself.

You may not be familiar with the law and may not know how much your case is really worth.

You may not be a good match against the person representing the insurance company.

You may not have the resources that are necessary to do a thorough investigation.

You may not be prepared emotionally to deal with yet another stressful situation.

On the other hand, traffic attorneys, an Arkansas auto accident lawyers, or any trauma attorney has what it takes to win your case:

  1. a vast amount of resources to go as far as necessary,
  2. lots of tools and a sizeable staff to leave no stone unturned,
  3. tons of experience in similar cases,
  4. knows the law inside out and knows where to look to prove your case,
  5. knows how much your case is really worth and hence can get you a significantly higher compensation,
  6. puts helpful space between you and the person on the other side, and
  7. if a personal hurt lawsuit is necessary, he and his staff are ready to go to court to fight your case.

Please feel free to contact one of our Little Rock car accident lawyer to find out if you are better off with a lawyer or without it.


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