Brain Injury Lawyer Little Rock

A Little Rock AR brain injury lawyer handles cases in which a person has suffered brain damage as a result of the negligence of other people. Brain damage is the destruction or degeneration of brain cells, an injury to the brain that impairs its function. Brain related injuries can be of many types: brain damages in the form of destruction of brain cells, traumatic brain injury (TBI) when an outside force injures the brain. A stroke is a vascular event causing damage in the brain, and acquired brain injury (ABI) that happens after birth and is the result of congenital problems.


Symptoms of brain injury


There are many symptoms of brain injuries, some appear immediately, others show up much later. A mild form of brain injury may result in headache and dizziness, blurred vision and tired eyes, ringing in the ear, bad taste in the mouth, mood changes, and trouble with memory, concentration, and thinking. A more severe version may result in the headache that does not go away, vomiting and nausea, inability to wake from sleep, slurred speech, loss of coordination, increased confusion, weakness in the extremities, and coma or a persistent vegetative state.

Causes of brain injury


There are many causes of brain injuries: physical trauma such as blows, falls, sport-related incidents; accidents such as motor vehicle collisions; abuses in which physical violence is involved; alcohol abuse; shortage of oxygen as a result of airway obstruction; lack of proper blood flow (stroke); poisoning (by alcohol or other chemical components such as used in chemotherapy); infection or pathological problems such as tumors.



For acute brain injuries, the injured must be stabilized, proper oxygen supply must be ensured, the blood supply must be adequate and the blood pressure must be controlled. In case of more severe damage more long term treatments may be required including such therapies as physical, occupational and speech therapies as well as psychiatry and social support.



Brain injuries may result in long-term disabilities: cognition (memory, thinking and reasoning), senses (seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, etc), communication (talking and understanding), mental health (depression, anxiety, personality changes, etc), and coma and (permanent) vegetative state.

Brain injury statistics

There are about 2 million head injuries of all kinds in the US every year, about 270,000 require hospitalization. People of ages 15 to 24 have the highest risk and males are more likely to sustain a brain injury than women. More than 30% of all injury deaths are due to traumatic brain injuries. Statistics on causes: close to 30% are caused by falls, about 20% are due to motor vehicle crashes, about 20% are the result of being hit by an object and roughly 10% is attributed to violence. About 50,000 Americans die from the effects of TBI and over 80,000 suffer long-term disabilities. Wearing the helmet can reduce brain injuries in motorcycle and bicycle crashes by as much as 40%.

What shall I do?

Take head injuries seriously, even the mild ones! Do take good care of your brain: wear a helmet for all kinds of work where you may be injured, drink an adequate amount of water, have a healthy diet and exercise regularly, and always think positive thoughts. When injured, seek immediate medical attention even if the injury appears to be mild, document all-important evidence and get copies of all bills. The treatment for head injuries can be complicated and long-term so do contact a brain injury lawyer in Little Rock AR to assess the value of your damages.

What mistakes shall I avoid?

Your brain is a delicate organ so make sure you do not abuse it: do not use alcohol, tobacco or drugs; do not ignore a concussion; do not ignore erratic behavior; do not ride without a helmet and do not drive without the seatbelt; do not bang objects against your head or vice versa; and do not stay around bad air or toxic smells. When in an accident involving brain injury, follow the accident dos and don’ts: do not sign anything without your attorney, try to negotiate yourself, apologize or deny your injury, etc.

How to prevent brain injury?

There are many common-sense methods to prevent head injuries. Wear a helmet, provide adequate lighting in walkways and keep them clear of obstacles, keep floors dry and prevent people from having to climb countertops. Obey the traffic laws and wear the seatbelt, and place children in safety seats. At home install handrails on stairways, remove tripping hazards such as small rugs and wires, use non-slip mats and install a grab bar next to the toilet. Exercise regularly and check your vision at least annually. If you have small children, extra care must be exercised: install window guards and safety gates at the bottom and the top of the stairs, make sure the child’s playground surface is covered in shock-absorbing material and cover sharp corners and edges with smooth padding on all furniture at the reach of the child.

Some legal advice

A brain injury lawsuit may contain several components due to the severity of the injury. In addition to the usual medical expenses, property damage and compensation for pain and suffering, there may be long-term treatment and rehabilitation expenses along with lost income and seriously diminished earning capacity. The best course of action is to contact a competent brain injury lawyer Little Rock Arkansas handle the case and guide you through a difficult time.

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