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Why Little Rock Personal Injury Law Firm?


The Little Rock personal injury law firm is based on a very simple principle: to defend the dignity of a person by seeking compensation for needless injuries caused by the negligence of others. For the purpose of minimizing settlements, insurance companies employ “strong-arm” tactics which makes it difficult for the average person to seek justice and to obtain the compensation that he deserves. We match the expertise of the injured person with that of the other party to make sure the fight is fair and the compensation is right.

In almost all cases the injured person has an unrealistic idea of how much their case is worth. By careful analysis of the liability, understanding the medical records, and by conferring with the client we can bring high expectations down to earth, or discover compensable harms that are overlooked or under-valued.

When someone suffers an injury, it is not only to the physical body but also to the person’s dignity that may not be infringed by another person. Our law firm considers physical harm as an offense to the person’s bodily integrity, not just to a certain part of the body. The person as a whole has been injured and it is our duty to defend the dignity of the whole person by seeking compensation.
Our unique experience in law and chiropractic medicine, with specialization in whiplash injury and brain traumatology, allows us to understand both the legal as well as the medical aspects of injuries. This gives us an immense benefit to negotiate the claim with the insurance company or to bring the case to the jury.
In our law firm, we are dedicated to our clients; each client and each case is important and we handle them as if they were our only case. Please contact our Little Rock personal injury law firm for a free initial consultation. We look forward to helping you win the best possible compensation.
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