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Personal injury law practice areas include a large variety of injuries which we place into the following categories: accident law, consumer law, malpractice law, personal injury law as well as serious personal injury law.

Accident law deals with accidents which are unpredicted and unintended events that take place at a particular point in time and place, without having a deliberate cause. It covers different types of accidents such as car, truck and motorcycle accidents.

Consumer law is related to the efforts of the government, public-interest institutions, citizens, and businesses to create, protect, and enforce the legal rights of people who purchase products and services. The basic consumer protection legal rights are as follow:

  1. the right to safety;
  2. the right to be informed;
  3. the right to select, and
  4. the right to be heard.

Malpractice law protects people from wrongdoings of professionals or failure to provide acceptable treatment, skill or diligence, which causes injury to an individual. Malpractice legislation comes into effect when a professional fails to correctly exercise his skills as somebody else within the same profession would.
Personal injury law covers all aspects of personal injuries that are due to the carelessness or wrongdoing of some other party. Personal injury law supports that an individual involved in a personal injury case could be eligible for several economic and non-economic damages. Settlement can be recovered for pain and suffering, health care costs, lost income capacity, lost earning ability, and much more. Serious personal injury law refers to cases where individuals are injured by reckless acts of other individuals, intentional acts of other people, or by goods that are malfunctioning.
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