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Little Rock Arkansas Truck Accident Lawyers


A Little Rock Arkansas truck accident lawyers has the expertise to handle a case in which at least one of the participating vehicles is a (commercial) truck. A truck crash is a complicated case because there are contributing circumstances other than traffic-related; these are mostly due to operating the trucking company as a business and chasing after profits while neglecting safety standards. Trucking is a multi-billion dollar business generating well north of 200 billion per year, including about 34 billion in highway tax revenues, with a profit margin of no more than 5%! It costs about $1.7 per mile and about $84 per hour, that is, the low-profit margin and high costs are the reasons why companies push the envelope.

Causes of truck accidents in Little Rock Arkansas

It takes two to tango: passenger vehicle drivers, as well as a truck driver, contribute (unequally) to truck accidents. Passenger car drivers’ contributions include driving in places where the truck driver has limited visibility (blind spot and behind the truck), changing lanes abruptly in front of the truck, causing the truck to break quickly (it takes 3-times longer for the truck to stop), and passing the truck and being blown by air turbulence. Truck drivers may have inadequate training in safety, work under pressure in unrealistic schedules, suffer from fatigue due to longer working hours, speed and drive recklessly, and using controlled substances and alcohol.


Truck crash statistics

It is estimated that there are about 500,000 truck-related accidents each year with about 5,000 fatalities, 98% of the time the driver of the other vehicle is killed! Seventy-five percent of the accidents are due to the fault of the other vehicle, truck drivers are at fault about 16% of the cases. Most fatal truck accidents are in rural areas, during the daytime and on weekends. DUI plays a minor role (less than a percentage) of all fatal truck accidents, only about 10% of all fatal crashes involving a commercial vehicle, and only about 4% of them are fatigue-related. Some good news: trucks are 3-times less likely to be in an accident than a regular motor vehicle.


Possible Arkansas truck wreck injuries

When hit by a truck, the injuries can be quite severe if not catastrophic (the impact is speed times the weight of the truck). The types of injuries include abdominal injuries, head and neck injuries, cuts and/or lacerations, broken bones, spinal cord injuries, amputations, or other serious injuries that may result in death. A large 18-wheeler traveling at 70 mph and hitting a small passenger vehicle can cause devastating damage to the vehicle killing all passengers inside. It is paramount to apply all preventative measures to minimize the occurrence of such collisions!


What shall I do in case of a truck accident AR?

If in a truck accident, do follow the usual course of action as discussed in other accident cases, for example, call the police, record everything, take pictures, etc.


What mistakes shall I avoid?

The usual advice applies here as well, for example, do not give a recorded statement, etc. Please visit the dos and don’ts page or other accident pages.


How to prevent a truck crash?

Due to the severity of truck accidents, the best course of action is prevention. If you are a passenger car driver, always keep a safe distance from a truck, never tailgate a truck, never stay in the driver’s blind spot, exercise caution when passing a truck as air turbulence can be quite strong and can cause your vehicle to move quite a large distance sideways, do not stay close to a truck in a multi-lane highway as the truck may roll over and smash your vehicle. If you are a truck driver, never drive your truck without safety inspection, never speed, never overload your truck, never travel close to other vehicles, never change lanes abruptly, and always signal early before changing lanes.


Some legal advice

Because of the complications of accidents involving a truck, it is advisable to hire a truck accident lawyer. Liability on the truck’s side can be due to the driver for reckless driving, the contractor who hired the trucking company, the trucking company that employed the driver, the shipping company whose cargo is on the truck, and the truck manufactures if the accident is due to malfunctioning parts. The types of liability may include personal injury, product liability (if the injury was caused by defective products), contributory negligence liability (making all parties responsible for their own injuries), and comparative negligence liability (parties share some portions of the liability). It is unlikely that the average person can understand all this so a truck accident lawyer is definitely the best course of action. Contact us today and get a free legal consultation with a top-rated truck accident injury attorneys in Little Rock Arkansas today.

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